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The exterior of your vehicle is smooth to the touch. However, on a microscopic level, the surface of your car is comprised of many recesses, valleys and porous holes.


Overtime different erosion agents such as mud, bird droppings, salt and road grime settle into those valleys and holes. The result is fading color, peeling paint, loss of shine, and oxidization. In the past car owners and enthusiasts have looked to traditional car wax to as a temporary protection option. However, car wax was invented in Germany during the 1800’s to protect cars from the dust coming off dirt roads. Luckily as cars have evolved, so has our understanding of how to make them look and function better.

So that’s where we made a change. Palm Beach Ceramics' ceramic coating is an advanced nanotechnology solution which contains microscopic particles that bind with the surface of your vehicle.

The liquid solution is applied to your vehicles surface by hand. As the solution cures the microscopic particles bind with the imperfections in your vehicles surface to create a clear, flat and solid protective layer. That extra hydrophobic layer works hard to repel both natural and man made contaminants that would other wise do damage. While the changes are microscopic, the results are visible for years following the initial application.


The future of your vehicles appearance and performance rely heavily on what you do today to protect it. So don’t prepare your car for the future with solutions from the past. Our nano charged ceramic coating provides better protection for a brighter future, today.


Ceramic coating your vehicle, especially if you drive something worth protecting, it is a great idea in any climate. Not only does it create a hydrophobic layer between the paint and the elements to protect from general wear and tear, but it also does an excellent job of protecting against sun damage. While us West Palm natives are pretty lucky with the weather we get to experience, we all know all too well how too much exposure to the sun's rays can cause serious damage to you skin.  The same is true for your car, and just like how you lather up with sunscreen before you hit the shore, you should be protecting your car just the same.


That's what initially led our owner, Bruce Mahler, to explore ceramic coating for his own vehicles. Once he saw the difference this product made, he knew he had to find a way to tell more people about the advantages of ceramic coating.  

Ceramic coating is a premium weather and paint protection process that keeps your vehicle looking showroom floor ready for years, with one just one application.

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